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Ver.1.2.1, Updated : 2017-02-28
Release Announcement

To install, please make sure you are using FOVE software version 0.10.0 or newer
You can download our latest software here
A game controller is highly recommended to play some demos in this content

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Coming Soon!

This is an announcement regarding the postponement of the “Meet Asuna FOVE VR Home” service in Internet Cafés

In order to make FOVE 0 easier and more effortless to use for internet café customers, we concluded that further improvements are necessary. Therefore, the support for Meet Asuna FOVE VR Home in Internet Cafés that was scheduled for mid-February 2017 has been postponed.

We know that many of you were really looking forward to meeting Asuna, and therefore we want to offer our deepest apologies for the delay and for announcing it this late.

Refer to this blog post for details about the postponement.

We will do our best to not let delays like this happen from now on, and we are hoping to have your continued support in the future.

※ Everyone who has purchased the FOVE 0 devkit is able to play the aforementioned content by downloading it from this page.